What is Inbound Marketing?

If you’re familiar with call centers, then you probably heard of inbound marketing. But for businesses with websites that want to attract customers, inbound marketing is simply the methods used to help attract customers using content in and outside of the website in order to attract prospects or visitors, convert them into leads and eventual customers, and to find ways to turn these customers into return customers and promoters of your brand. Here are the most effective methods of inbound marketing.


Imagine a physical store complete with glass display windows, signage, lights, posters, and generally other stuff to ‘attract’ customers to enter. But the world of the consumer has changed and more than 60% of consumers are going online, though the concept of getting people ‘attracted’ to your website is still there instead of the physical store. You also need to find ways to attract the right people who are looking for or in need of your product or service. This is usually done using search engine optimization (SEO), attractive content, blogging, and social media marketing.


This is the part where you start to entice the right visitors to become recurring visitors by answering their queries. This is the part where you can convert visitors into qualified leads by also enticing them for their contact information so you can show them more of the brand or services. You can also offer free e-books, free newsletter subscriptions, promotions, and other dynamic content and forms that the customer may find useful.


This is the step where you turn those qualified website visitors into real customers. Depending on the business website, it’s not easy to convert lead into customers. Sometimes, a business has to use constant marketing workflows such as those used in the convert stage in order to keep enticing visitors to consider buying. Other methods may be e-mail marketing, list segmentation, and sales alignment.


Just because you made a sale doesn’t mean you forget about the customer. This is the step where you continue to communicate with their customers and keep them delighted with your brand, thus, converting them further into happy promoters because they keep buying your products. You can provide personalized website content, update marketing, social media monitoring, and surveys.

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