Customer Satisfaction 101: Asking the Right Questions for Better Customer Satisfaction

Providing high quality products or services and the best customer care is the sure formula to bring in the sales, especially if the sales come from the most promising repeat customers and not just the potential leads converted to sales. The most satisfied customers are more likely to make repeated purchases and to recommend the business to their family, friends, and co-workers. Always remember that a loyal customer is worth up to 10 times more than a first-time customer.

One way to check on your customer’s satisfaction aside from checking out sales statistics is to survey your customers. But don’t just ask them basic generic sales questions like “Were you satisfied with our product?” You need to dig deep into their true insights and how they really feel. Take a gander at these questions that will guide you in surveying customer satisfaction.

  1. Which of the following words would you use to best describe our product?
  • Buggy
  • Fine but with some issues
  • Fine
  • Great
  • Life-saving

Note that common descriptive words are not used. Also, negative descriptions start at the top and ends with the best description. You can use other words that describe the worst or best of your product or services, or use words like ‘awesome’ or ‘cool.’ Going away from the traditional will get your customers to communicate better and send the message that you’re survey isn’t just a mundane attempt.

  1. How well does our product meet your needs?
  • Badly
  • Fine
  • Well
  • Very Well

Though a broad question, it is specific enough to provide results that warrants action. The bottom line is that every product or service must meet customer satisfaction, and this means meeting the customer’s needs.

  1. Which 3 features are the most valuable to you?

This question is important especially for service-oriented companies or businesses that offer online services. Their products or services may tend to offer dozens of features and most customers probably need only a handful. Surveying which ones are the most important to customers will allow the business to align to those services most needed. You might even be surprised that services that you consider secondary are actually more important to most people.

  1. What are 2 important features we may be missing?

Naturally, if you ask them which of your features are important to them, you need to ask them if there’s something they need that you’re not providing or missing. If you don’t offer what they really need in conjunction with what they’re already buying from you, they may switch to another company, or worse, your competitor.

  1. If you could change just one aspect about our product, what would that be?

This question is more specific because you’re requiring customers to provide you information from their standpoint, their viewpoint being that what they would change if it were their product. If you notice the questions are becoming more retentive because they’re taking into consideration how the customer uses your product or services in order to solve their problems or to improve their lives.

  1. How would you rate the value for money to the product?

If the feedback you receive from your customers is that the product is expensive, perhaps you need to find other ways to sell the product or services such as introducing some sales or discounts instead. Or you could find ways to improve the product and services without raising any prices.

A concluding note: Don’t make your survey too long. A five or six question survey is more than enough. A longer survey discourages customers from answering.

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