Using Social Media Marketing to Spread the Christmas Season

It’s almost December, but you already can feel the busy rush and shopping happening. Naturally, you’ve spruced up your social media marketing by creating some Christmas-themed posts and banners on your website and social media accounts. But you need to realize that it takes more than just a picture of St. Nicholas wearing your company t-shirt or a recipe for a really delicious Christmas pudding. This is the busiest time of the year and you need to be busy as well, and rushing to get those visitors and conversions.

Put Christmas in all your pages, not just the homepage

It’s Christmas so it needs to be shouted on every page of your website and especially on every post on your social media platforms. Everything about the happiness of the season must be reflected on everything you’ve got. You might want to ever alter your logo to give it a Christmassy feeling or use snow effects on some posts. Happy customers are the ones who buy.

Use #hashtags

Take note of your repeat customers and take care of them. These are the customers who will share their Christmas experience with others who will then buy your products. Or you can ask customers to share their experiences with you and the best ones gets their story printed, or ask them for their best Turkey cooking tips. All these get linked to your business, and this attracts attention.

Do a Christmas competition

Contests are a great way to get attention to your social media pages, and this leads to your website. You can do the contest we mentioned above, or something funny like “The funniest gift you ever received at Christmas.” Let your imagination run wild. Or run a competition that will make people delve deeper into your social media posts or videos. Make sure to give a competition countdown so everyone knows how long the contest lasts and how many days are left to enter.

Share what is happening behind the scenes

Make people aware that there are more people behind the website and social media pages. Show them pictures of the office, the Christmas party last year, or show off the winners of your monthly “Best in attendance employee.” Customers will see that ordinary people with human faces behind the scenes are doing extraordinary work to make them happy, and your followers will know that you aren’t robots after all.

Make a Christmas offer

Having a product promotion or giving out discount codes is always a great way to attract customers who need to rush their shopping. Grab more customers by offering them discount coupons when they buy from you for the first time and that they can use for the next purchase. Or you can offer a buy one get one free promotion on selected products. You can even have a different promotion or discount for each day of the Christmas countdown.


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