Good Lurk Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving to Make Your Customers Happy

In most of the Western and Southern Hemisphere, Thanksgiving Day is the de facto signal for the start of the Christmas season. Business owners with websites also know that they need to get at least a share of the marketing from the holidays, even if their products or services do not involve the holiday season. So, if your business has not been into this yet, you need to have a go right now while Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Believe us, it can also lead to better conversions going into Christmas.

Share a Turkey Recipe

It could be your boss’s recipe, your mum’s, your wifey’s, or your co-office worker’s, because the turkey will always be the official symbol of Thanksgiving. Share your unique recipe on your website and on social media and suggest it may be different from other recipes. For something more inviting, make a video that shows the presentation up to the cooked fowl. Just keep the video as short as possible.

Conduct a Contest

People always like to have a go at contests, no matter how simple they are. You could make it fun by getting customers to submit their funny Thanksgiving celebration photos. Just make sure the contest registration is as simple as possible, like just their names and e-mail address. It is a chance not only for conversion but also to engage your repeat customers and getting to know your target audience better.

It’s that Time of Year to Thank Your Customers

This is the best time of the year to send an eCard to all your customers – everyone who purchased at least once – in order to make them feel appreciated. Saying Thank You has that magical effect on everyone always.

Pay It Forward

Thanksgiving is both a celebration and a time to share your blessings. Why not pay it forward by asking your customers for suggestions on non-profit organizations for a donation drive? Or perhaps one of your customers is a member or works for a foundation. You can then hold a donation drive and offer discounts to customers who can bring something for your drive. You get to pay it forward while making your customers happy with the discount.

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