Use a Digital Marketing Funnel to Bring in More Sales this Christmas

Just because you own your own online business doesn’t guarantee big sales at Christmas. There is so much competition in e-commerce that you need to stand out in the internet that has leveled the playing field when it comes to business.

First of all, you need to create a festive digital marketing funnel. A digital marketing funnel is composed of three stages: Attract, Convert, and Re-engage. The three stages as a whole is an entire sales process.


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Pretend that no one knows that your brand exists. This means that no one will be opening your products on Christmas Day and posting it on social media. The bottom line is that you need to give really engaging and informative content marketing that will attract visitors to stay in your site. You need to use seasonal festive messages on your website and with your social media marketing that is targeted at specific customers.

Another addition to your marketing is using a video platform embedded into your website and social media accounts. Videos allows for personalised campaigns complete with brand logo and links to specific pages on your site.

And speaking of targeted audiences, you need to start now and know whom and where to target. This will also help you convert site visitors based on search history, demographics, and interests. So you need to start tracking activity on your website and social media platforms.


This is the stage where you start pushing and convincing customers to stay and buy rather than go somewhere else. You need start putting banners and reminders on your website and on social media that give a sense of urgency to shoppers. “Only X days until Christmas” or “Buy NOW, Limited Stocks” or “Buy now and avoid the Christmas disappointment.” You can also offer promotions, discount coupons, and the like.

E-mail marketing is still and effective tool and you can target your customers specifically. Make sure that your subject line packs an attractive punch that will want people opening to read your equally catchy content.


Converting customers is one thing, but getting customers to be repeat buyers is another thing. And that goes for taking care of repeat buyers that have become loyal customers. Anything new you have to offer, be it for marketing, a new product launch, promos, or discounts, make sure to target your repeat loyalists FIRST before going public. They are already satisfied with your brand and will appreciate the extra attention given to them for their loyalty. Remember that they will be the ones who will post on social media or directly talk or call their friends and family to buy from you because they are satisfied with your products.


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E-commerce Conversion Rate? Improve it Using 5 Proven Methods

All you need to do is to create a sense of urgency to improve e-commerce conversion rate because, after all, it is the holiday season.

It’s the season for gift giving and ho ho ho’s and so it is not the season to make customers hesitate unless you plan to kill off your conversion rate. This Christmas season, since everyone is in a rush to shop, don’t let go of customers so they can shop somewhere else; instead, give them a sense of urgency to stop and shop with you only so they don’t need to go elsewhere. However, be careful not to sound demanding or pushy. Here are 5 proven ways to increase your conversion rate through urgency.

Offer Delivery Time Way Before Christmas Day

There is nothing worse than a customer ordering something online and the parcel arrives a week after Christmas Day. You need to send this message to all your customers: “Order now for delivery time before Christmas.” Make this message clear to everyone by creating a banner on your website, sending out targeted e-mails, and posting on all your social media accounts. No reason to go anywhere else because you’re somewhat telling your customers “if you go somewhere else, it may be too late.”

Abandoned Cart Marketing Campaign

Cart abandonment is a big business problem because almost 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart. That’s 7 out of 10 potential customers who don’t complete their orders with you. Create an e-mail campaign by targeting these abandoned cart customers and prompt some last-minute sales such as promotions, discounted prices if they shop now, or free shipping before Christmas if they shop early.

Limited Stock Promotions

Christmas season is always a rush season for anyone. People are literally and online rushing around to shop often for items that are selling out faster than retailers can restock. Because of this, limited stock items are the best ones to advertise in the rush to shop before Christmas. Just make sure when you say something is on limited stock, that it is.

Offer Limited Time Free Shipping

More and more people are shopping online, but they can still be shocked by the additional shipping cost. Imagine if they’re buying a lot of items and most of these are getting shipped out. The gift of free shipping will not only bring you more customers, it will increase your visitor conversion.

Give Discounts to Returning Customers

Many businesses are so focused on attracting new customers they tend to forget about returning customers. You might be surprised how many repeat customers you have, most returning for a second time, while some for more than that. Offer discount coupons for all first purchases to encourage them to return for a second purchase. After all, it’s Christmas, and there’s nothing wrong with buying the same item for different people.


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