SEO Mobile-First Indexing



Lots of changes have come for SEO or search engine optimization in this decade alone, and none more trend setting than exclusive SEO for mobile-ready websites.

SEO is basically an “evolve or decay” work in constant progress and everyone involved in SEO needs to keep up or get left behind. In this decade Google introduced its mobile-first indexing. Simply put, instead of indexing and ranking a desktop –version website and then pushing down its rankings on smartphones if the website is not mobile-friendly, Google now indexes and ranks the mobile version of the website separately from the desktop version.

How it is done

To put it even simpler, instead of Google crawling pages with a generic user agent, it will crawl with a smartphone user agent and index the content that the smartphone user agent actually sees. In short, if a website has no mobile version, the Google-bot will only crawl your desktop version. And aside from crawling a mobile-ready site, Google checks if a desktop version is ready for mobile indexing. If it is not then Google-bot simply focuses on the desktop version. However, if the bot senses that a website is mobile-ready, Google will re-crawl it with the mobile bot.

While all this is going on, Google will also track the connection of the indexed mobile site with its desktop version. If a query is made on desktop, the result will be served from the desktop site.

What do developers or business owners check if a site is ready?

The content of a mobile version is equivalent to the content indexed on the desktop version. Thus, Google will sense if you’re cheating on the mobile switch if the mobile site is just a simplified version and only part of the content available there.

Similar internal links in that the mobile version has all the internal links that Google needs to crawl the entire website.

Structured data and annotations like AMP, hreflang, and the like found in the mobile version when switching from the desktop version.

If a business site has a separate mobile-dot site, there needs to be a strong enough server to be able to cope with the crawling load.

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