What is Inbound Marketing?

If you’re familiar with call centers, then you probably heard of inbound marketing. But for businesses with websites that want to attract customers, inbound marketing is simply the methods used to help attract customers using content in and outside of the website in order to attract prospects or visitors, convert them into leads and eventual customers, and to find ways to turn these customers into return customers and promoters of your brand. Here are the most effective methods of inbound marketing.


Imagine a physical store complete with glass display windows, signage, lights, posters, and generally other stuff to ‘attract’ customers to enter. But the world of the consumer has changed and more than 60% of consumers are going online, though the concept of getting people ‘attracted’ to your website is still there instead of the physical store. You also need to find ways to attract the right people who are looking for or in need of your product or service. This is usually done using search engine optimization (SEO), attractive content, blogging, and social media marketing.


This is the part where you start to entice the right visitors to become recurring visitors by answering their queries. This is the part where you can convert visitors into qualified leads by also enticing them for their contact information so you can show them more of the brand or services. You can also offer free e-books, free newsletter subscriptions, promotions, and other dynamic content and forms that the customer may find useful.


This is the step where you turn those qualified website visitors into real customers. Depending on the business website, it’s not easy to convert lead into customers. Sometimes, a business has to use constant marketing workflows such as those used in the convert stage in order to keep enticing visitors to consider buying. Other methods may be e-mail marketing, list segmentation, and sales alignment.


Just because you made a sale doesn’t mean you forget about the customer. This is the step where you continue to communicate with their customers and keep them delighted with your brand, thus, converting them further into happy promoters because they keep buying your products. You can provide personalized website content, update marketing, social media monitoring, and surveys.

SEO Mobile-First Indexing



Lots of changes have come for SEO or search engine optimization in this decade alone, and none more trend setting than exclusive SEO for mobile-ready websites.

SEO is basically an “evolve or decay” work in constant progress and everyone involved in SEO needs to keep up or get left behind. In this decade Google introduced its mobile-first indexing. Simply put, instead of indexing and ranking a desktop –version website and then pushing down its rankings on smartphones if the website is not mobile-friendly, Google now indexes and ranks the mobile version of the website separately from the desktop version.

How it is done

To put it even simpler, instead of Google crawling pages with a generic user agent, it will crawl with a smartphone user agent and index the content that the smartphone user agent actually sees. In short, if a website has no mobile version, the Google-bot will only crawl your desktop version. And aside from crawling a mobile-ready site, Google checks if a desktop version is ready for mobile indexing. If it is not then Google-bot simply focuses on the desktop version. However, if the bot senses that a website is mobile-ready, Google will re-crawl it with the mobile bot.

While all this is going on, Google will also track the connection of the indexed mobile site with its desktop version. If a query is made on desktop, the result will be served from the desktop site.

What do developers or business owners check if a site is ready?

The content of a mobile version is equivalent to the content indexed on the desktop version. Thus, Google will sense if you’re cheating on the mobile switch if the mobile site is just a simplified version and only part of the content available there.

Similar internal links in that the mobile version has all the internal links that Google needs to crawl the entire website.

Structured data and annotations like AMP, hreflang, and the like found in the mobile version when switching from the desktop version.

If a business site has a separate mobile-dot site, there needs to be a strong enough server to be able to cope with the crawling load.

Good Lurk Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving to Make Your Customers Happy

In most of the Western and Southern Hemisphere, Thanksgiving Day is the de facto signal for the start of the Christmas season. Business owners with websites also know that they need to get at least a share of the marketing from the holidays, even if their products or services do not involve the holiday season. So, if your business has not been into this yet, you need to have a go right now while Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Believe us, it can also lead to better conversions going into Christmas.

Share a Turkey Recipe

It could be your boss’s recipe, your mum’s, your wifey’s, or your co-office worker’s, because the turkey will always be the official symbol of Thanksgiving. Share your unique recipe on your website and on social media and suggest it may be different from other recipes. For something more inviting, make a video that shows the presentation up to the cooked fowl. Just keep the video as short as possible.

Conduct a Contest

People always like to have a go at contests, no matter how simple they are. You could make it fun by getting customers to submit their funny Thanksgiving celebration photos. Just make sure the contest registration is as simple as possible, like just their names and e-mail address. It is a chance not only for conversion but also to engage your repeat customers and getting to know your target audience better.

It’s that Time of Year to Thank Your Customers

This is the best time of the year to send an eCard to all your customers – everyone who purchased at least once – in order to make them feel appreciated. Saying Thank You has that magical effect on everyone always.

Pay It Forward

Thanksgiving is both a celebration and a time to share your blessings. Why not pay it forward by asking your customers for suggestions on non-profit organizations for a donation drive? Or perhaps one of your customers is a member or works for a foundation. You can then hold a donation drive and offer discounts to customers who can bring something for your drive. You get to pay it forward while making your customers happy with the discount.

Using Social Media Marketing to Spread the Christmas Season

It’s almost December, but you already can feel the busy rush and shopping happening. Naturally, you’ve spruced up your social media marketing by creating some Christmas-themed posts and banners on your website and social media accounts. But you need to realize that it takes more than just a picture of St. Nicholas wearing your company t-shirt or a recipe for a really delicious Christmas pudding. This is the busiest time of the year and you need to be busy as well, and rushing to get those visitors and conversions.

Put Christmas in all your pages, not just the homepage

It’s Christmas so it needs to be shouted on every page of your website and especially on every post on your social media platforms. Everything about the happiness of the season must be reflected on everything you’ve got. You might want to ever alter your logo to give it a Christmassy feeling or use snow effects on some posts. Happy customers are the ones who buy.

Use #hashtags

Take note of your repeat customers and take care of them. These are the customers who will share their Christmas experience with others who will then buy your products. Or you can ask customers to share their experiences with you and the best ones gets their story printed, or ask them for their best Turkey cooking tips. All these get linked to your business, and this attracts attention.

Do a Christmas competition

Contests are a great way to get attention to your social media pages, and this leads to your website. You can do the contest we mentioned above, or something funny like “The funniest gift you ever received at Christmas.” Let your imagination run wild. Or run a competition that will make people delve deeper into your social media posts or videos. Make sure to give a competition countdown so everyone knows how long the contest lasts and how many days are left to enter.

Share what is happening behind the scenes

Make people aware that there are more people behind the website and social media pages. Show them pictures of the office, the Christmas party last year, or show off the winners of your monthly “Best in attendance employee.” Customers will see that ordinary people with human faces behind the scenes are doing extraordinary work to make them happy, and your followers will know that you aren’t robots after all.

Make a Christmas offer

Having a product promotion or giving out discount codes is always a great way to attract customers who need to rush their shopping. Grab more customers by offering them discount coupons when they buy from you for the first time and that they can use for the next purchase. Or you can offer a buy one get one free promotion on selected products. You can even have a different promotion or discount for each day of the Christmas countdown.


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Use a Digital Marketing Funnel to Bring in More Sales this Christmas

Just because you own your own online business doesn’t guarantee big sales at Christmas. There is so much competition in e-commerce that you need to stand out in the internet that has leveled the playing field when it comes to business.

First of all, you need to create a festive digital marketing funnel. A digital marketing funnel is composed of three stages: Attract, Convert, and Re-engage. The three stages as a whole is an entire sales process.


Read our previous article: What is Inbound Marketing?


Pretend that no one knows that your brand exists. This means that no one will be opening your products on Christmas Day and posting it on social media. The bottom line is that you need to give really engaging and informative content marketing that will attract visitors to stay in your site. You need to use seasonal festive messages on your website and with your social media marketing that is targeted at specific customers.

Another addition to your marketing is using a video platform embedded into your website and social media accounts. Videos allows for personalised campaigns complete with brand logo and links to specific pages on your site.

And speaking of targeted audiences, you need to start now and know whom and where to target. This will also help you convert site visitors based on search history, demographics, and interests. So you need to start tracking activity on your website and social media platforms.


This is the stage where you start pushing and convincing customers to stay and buy rather than go somewhere else. You need start putting banners and reminders on your website and on social media that give a sense of urgency to shoppers. “Only X days until Christmas” or “Buy NOW, Limited Stocks” or “Buy now and avoid the Christmas disappointment.” You can also offer promotions, discount coupons, and the like.

E-mail marketing is still and effective tool and you can target your customers specifically. Make sure that your subject line packs an attractive punch that will want people opening to read your equally catchy content.


Converting customers is one thing, but getting customers to be repeat buyers is another thing. And that goes for taking care of repeat buyers that have become loyal customers. Anything new you have to offer, be it for marketing, a new product launch, promos, or discounts, make sure to target your repeat loyalists FIRST before going public. They are already satisfied with your brand and will appreciate the extra attention given to them for their loyalty. Remember that they will be the ones who will post on social media or directly talk or call their friends and family to buy from you because they are satisfied with your products.


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E-commerce Conversion Rate? Improve it Using 5 Proven Methods

All you need to do is to create a sense of urgency to improve e-commerce conversion rate because, after all, it is the holiday season.

It’s the season for gift giving and ho ho ho’s and so it is not the season to make customers hesitate unless you plan to kill off your conversion rate. This Christmas season, since everyone is in a rush to shop, don’t let go of customers so they can shop somewhere else; instead, give them a sense of urgency to stop and shop with you only so they don’t need to go elsewhere. However, be careful not to sound demanding or pushy. Here are 5 proven ways to increase your conversion rate through urgency.

Offer Delivery Time Way Before Christmas Day

There is nothing worse than a customer ordering something online and the parcel arrives a week after Christmas Day. You need to send this message to all your customers: “Order now for delivery time before Christmas.” Make this message clear to everyone by creating a banner on your website, sending out targeted e-mails, and posting on all your social media accounts. No reason to go anywhere else because you’re somewhat telling your customers “if you go somewhere else, it may be too late.”

Abandoned Cart Marketing Campaign

Cart abandonment is a big business problem because almost 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart. That’s 7 out of 10 potential customers who don’t complete their orders with you. Create an e-mail campaign by targeting these abandoned cart customers and prompt some last-minute sales such as promotions, discounted prices if they shop now, or free shipping before Christmas if they shop early.

Limited Stock Promotions

Christmas season is always a rush season for anyone. People are literally and online rushing around to shop often for items that are selling out faster than retailers can restock. Because of this, limited stock items are the best ones to advertise in the rush to shop before Christmas. Just make sure when you say something is on limited stock, that it is.

Offer Limited Time Free Shipping

More and more people are shopping online, but they can still be shocked by the additional shipping cost. Imagine if they’re buying a lot of items and most of these are getting shipped out. The gift of free shipping will not only bring you more customers, it will increase your visitor conversion.

Give Discounts to Returning Customers

Many businesses are so focused on attracting new customers they tend to forget about returning customers. You might be surprised how many repeat customers you have, most returning for a second time, while some for more than that. Offer discount coupons for all first purchases to encourage them to return for a second purchase. After all, it’s Christmas, and there’s nothing wrong with buying the same item for different people.


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Customer Satisfaction 101: Asking the Right Questions for Better Customer Satisfaction

Providing high quality products or services and the best customer care is the sure formula to bring in the sales, especially if the sales come from the most promising repeat customers and not just the potential leads converted to sales. The most satisfied customers are more likely to make repeated purchases and to recommend the business to their family, friends, and co-workers. Always remember that a loyal customer is worth up to 10 times more than a first-time customer.

One way to check on your customer’s satisfaction aside from checking out sales statistics is to survey your customers. But don’t just ask them basic generic sales questions like “Were you satisfied with our product?” You need to dig deep into their true insights and how they really feel. Take a gander at these questions that will guide you in surveying customer satisfaction.

  1. Which of the following words would you use to best describe our product?
  • Buggy
  • Fine but with some issues
  • Fine
  • Great
  • Life-saving

Note that common descriptive words are not used. Also, negative descriptions start at the top and ends with the best description. You can use other words that describe the worst or best of your product or services, or use words like ‘awesome’ or ‘cool.’ Going away from the traditional will get your customers to communicate better and send the message that you’re survey isn’t just a mundane attempt.

  1. How well does our product meet your needs?
  • Badly
  • Fine
  • Well
  • Very Well

Though a broad question, it is specific enough to provide results that warrants action. The bottom line is that every product or service must meet customer satisfaction, and this means meeting the customer’s needs.

  1. Which 3 features are the most valuable to you?

This question is important especially for service-oriented companies or businesses that offer online services. Their products or services may tend to offer dozens of features and most customers probably need only a handful. Surveying which ones are the most important to customers will allow the business to align to those services most needed. You might even be surprised that services that you consider secondary are actually more important to most people.

  1. What are 2 important features we may be missing?

Naturally, if you ask them which of your features are important to them, you need to ask them if there’s something they need that you’re not providing or missing. If you don’t offer what they really need in conjunction with what they’re already buying from you, they may switch to another company, or worse, your competitor.

  1. If you could change just one aspect about our product, what would that be?

This question is more specific because you’re requiring customers to provide you information from their standpoint, their viewpoint being that what they would change if it were their product. If you notice the questions are becoming more retentive because they’re taking into consideration how the customer uses your product or services in order to solve their problems or to improve their lives.

  1. How would you rate the value for money to the product?

If the feedback you receive from your customers is that the product is expensive, perhaps you need to find other ways to sell the product or services such as introducing some sales or discounts instead. Or you could find ways to improve the product and services without raising any prices.

A concluding note: Don’t make your survey too long. A five or six question survey is more than enough. A longer survey discourages customers from answering.

5 Reasons You Should Hire Loud Media Agency

Any business owner who wants to make it big in any online business will need a professional website. Well, a really nice website that will attract visitors that can be converted to customers. Remember that your business website will be your “storefront” just like a real store at the mall. It also needs to be competitive because the internet has become a leading source for people to find products and services, and the internet has levelled the playing field no matter how big or small the business is.

Businesses that don’t have an attractive website “storefront” risk losing potential customers. Internet consumers are more cautious and tend to evaluate products, services, and the company long before making a purchase, and if you have an unfriendly website – or can’t capture their trust – they move on to the next website.

The following 5 reasons we present to you will help you understand why you can trust Loud Media Agency to create your professional website.

Webmaster services

Even when a website is launched and functioning, it is never really complete. Websites may need changes, updates, and continuous maintenance based on current and changing relevant technology. Everything about the internet and web technology is changing at a fast pace and so only trustworthy webmaster services are needed to keep your site fresh and inviting.

Visual properties

Loud Media Agency can be trusted to make sure that your website’s navigation, text, and colour scheme are designed to be user-friendly. After all, people visiting a business website expect to find a professional business and not a maze in searching for information about the product or services. Navigation, colours, graphics, and texts are very important for attracting visitors and making them stay.

SEO compliance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used by Loud Media to make your website get top rankings from search engines. Most web development companies simply make your website, launch it, and wish you luck being seen out there. Trust our firm to make your business website SEO compliant because an optimized site is a site that can be found when searched for.

New technologies

Technology – and the internet as well – is changing at a fast pace. New computer coding and new technologies mean new ways to improve or run your website, and thus, attract customers. Trusting Loud Media assures you that your site is using only the latest technology and trends for a successful website. Beware of web developers who will tell you that links, RSS feeds, and videos are out of date. That just shows they can’t do them.

Custom design

When you hire Loud Media, we know that your website must be created to suit your business. So, we evaluate every detail of your business, products, and services and work with you, the owner, towards whatever goal you want. Your website will be created to meet your specific needs. An honest web developer is never limited by any restrictions, unlike most web and DIY companies.

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Why Watch Scary Movies on Halloween When These Super Scary Halloween Ads are Enough to Freeze Your Veins

What does autumn mean for a lot of us? Winter is here? The upcoming dreaded holiday shopping? Perhaps. But before anything else, Halloween is upon us. You see the store decorations and the kids (and more than kids) walking around in costumes. Naturally, companies will be getting into the act by getting creative and making scary ads, in fact, often too scary even for the strongest of us. Take a gander at these super scary ads and see if you still want to catch those scary movies on your cable.

Halloween ads to share with you all.





























Source here: Design Reviver

From Introversion to Extraversion through Online Marketing

More than 20 years ago, extroverts stood a better chance of becoming successful in business compared to introverts. Extroverts also stood a greater chance of making a ton of money not only through business but, also through gaining fame as well as being hosted in magazine interviews, talk show visits, or becoming a movie or singing star.

About the only chance introverts could make a lot of money was to publish books, but this breed was a rarity.

Today, many introverts have a cause to celebrate, thanks to technology and the internet. All they need to do now is to get on the internet and learn online marketing, that is, after setting up their own online company, usually from the comfort of their own living room or bedroom.

No more doing tonnes of networking work with other people, no need to hire employees, no more building up a company using barrister services, and no need to get every person in your chosen industry to know you. Any faceless introvert can set up a business and build it up through online marketing.

Basically, online marketing is any method or strategy to spread the word about your business, brand, or company that uses the internet to reach people. Simply put, it’s anything you do online to get more eyes on your website, grab people’s attention, and hopefully later on, get them to buy from you.

There are several methods you can use to get people to visit your website:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content in such a way that a search engine will show your website as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. Search engine marketing (SEM) is simply the paid version of SEO.

Content marketing is creating valuable media and content on and off the website to distribute to potential future customers in the hope that people will buy in the future.

Social media marketing is using one or several social media platforms to engage with customers, build up relationships, and show them your new products and services.

E-mail marketing is considered somewhat old school, but its effectiveness cannot be ignored even by hardcore online marketers. Once customers have given you their e-mail address, the value here is direct communication, next to social media marketing.

Digital Marketing: Delivering Nothing More, Nothing Less than Needed ROI’s

When it comes to businesses on the internet, nothing beats good delivery of needed return of investment (ROI) especially for small or medium sized businesses or startup companies. So when it comes to delivering much needed ROI’s, Loud Media Agency is ahead of the rest.

As a leading digital marketing association Australia agency, Loud Media is highly dedicated to providing clients the latest in custom-digital solutions that can help businesses with sustainable growth.

Digital marketing association Australia means that digital marketing must have a link or interconnection with people (Australia) in order for the business or company to garner good first impressions from its visitors. Unfortunately, many businesses think that having a website is enough, without realizing that most people who browse the internet can be unforgiving, and with very short attention spans. The main mission is not only to harness the power of social media marketing, SEO, and other digital marketing association Australia strategies, but to place any business in front of the right potential customers as well as providing stunning designs for the brand, product, and website in order to convey to the customer’s mind both brand perception and eventual sale.

With Art Design, the agency can design the best artwork that is the most important for the client’s brand or product. The design will have an eye for detail to accurately represent the brand or product. In line with this is Web Designing to create a fully functional and responsive website for any business that will display correctly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.  Thus, art design and web design could somehow overlap since art designers may create images for use on websites.

Video Production may be produced in order to place strategic videos in the website (such as 10-second product explainers) as attention grabbers of visitors. And of course, SEO and social media marketing round out the strategies for digital marketing association Australia in order for the business to capture much needed ROI’s.